The Importance of a Great (Not Good) Lender

Today I want to discuss the importance of having a great lender.

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In real estate, it’s so vital that you work with a great lender. Not just any lender—a great lender.

Your lender will either help you make the home buying process easy or make you hate the process altogether. If your lender doesn’t communicate with you or can’t get the job done, you’re going to get frustrated. You could even potentially lose a house.

A great lender will do the work on the front end by asking you a lot of questions and requesting certain documents so that everything is smooth and done on the back end. A lender who only asks for basic information over the phone, provides a pre-qualification, and then stops communicating with you will have you chasing them for information.

A great lender will do the work on the front end.

Not everything in the process of buying a home will be easy and simple, but a lender can make it better by doing their job well. We recently had an issue where a lender said they couldn’t fund the purchase of a property because of its zoning; the property was a farm, so I don’t understand how they thought it was a residential purchase. There was another situation in which the lender told us, one week before closing, that the buyer didn’t have the funds needed to purchase the home—they should have known that much earlier in the process.

If you’re in need of a great lender, reach out to us. We’d be happy to recommend some excellent partners; we wouldn’t want to send you to someone who wouldn’t do the best possible job for you.

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