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Top 3 Reasons To Be Honest With Your Agent

We’ll explore the advantages of open communication with your agent.

Have you decided to look for a new home? You can still get a good deal in this market, but you need to form a good marketing strategy with your agent. However, your agent won’t be able to help you if you aren’t upfront and honest. Here are three tips to help you communicate with your agent when buying a new home:

1. Be honest with your agent upfront. One of the things that I will advise you is to make certain that you're honest with your agent upfront. You know, when we go to the doctor but we don't tell them the truth about our symptoms, we don’t get the treatment that we need. In the same way, your agent can’t help you get the best option for you if you didn’t specify what you want in the first place

"Open and honest communication with your agent is crucial throughout the entire home-buying journey."

2. Communicate your needs. When you first meet with your agent, discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a new home. This includes your desired location,...

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Spec Home

Homebuyer’s guide in navigating the pros and cons of spec homes.

In today's market, new construction homes can be a great opportunity for buyers, particularly spec homes. Spec homes are ready-made and built by developers. Because of the low inventory and high competition in the market, buyers find it hard to buy their ideal homes, making spec homes the ideal option. Here’s what you need to consider when buying a spec home: 

1. Spec homes come with unique perks. When purchasing a spec home or even a to-be-built home from large builders, look out for these perks. Builders may offer reduced interest rates, sometimes in the fives, closing cost credits, and other incentives like blinds or additional features to make the purchase more attractive.

"Spec homes are ready-made and make great options in a low inventory market."

2. You can still have an agent when buying a new home. It’s important for buyers to understand that the salesperson at the builder’s sales office is there for the builder—they are not there for you. Having an agent by your side ensures that someone is looking out for your interests throughout the process.

3. Spec homes have financial incentives. Spec homes are already built and the builder is keen...