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Kite Team Embraces the Keller Cloud

Keller Williams is making huge moves towards technology and we are very excited about it! The Keller Cloud is going to be the only platform to run your entire business. This platform has been tested with over 6,000 agents and has been created by impeccable designers and software developers to ensure a great experience for agents and clients

Keller Williams is making technology its biggest priority and changed the business model to selling “coaching, training, and technology” to its agents.

The system will be rolled out in stages and part of it will even be coming in the next week. By creating their own platform, Keller Williams will be less dependent on other technology companies and will let them have more control on what happens internally.

A goal that Keller Williams has for this platform is to make the technology experience dramatically simpler, making it “the world’s simplest and most personalized discovery, transaction and ownership experience in residential real estate.”

Kelle is your personal assistant, she is Keller Williams artificial intelligence to help you with everything across the Keller Cloud. She is voice controlled and will provide 24/7 assistance for every single agent. The Keller Cloud will be able to simplify an agent’s day to day needs to make running their business easier. 

By creating one platform agents and clients will not have to figure out a bunch of different systems to find their dream home or sell their home.

Ultimately agents will be able to manage their entire business from one dashboard.  Keller Williams recognized a need by their agents because they were overwhelmed with technological problems that slowed them down in their work....

What to Know to Tackle the Home Buying Process

The home buying process can seem very stressful. Here are a few tips to help you wrap your head around this life decision.

Make sure you talk to a trusted Mortgage Advisor: Your Realtor should be able to provide you with great mortgage companies. They will know which ones to stay away from as well. Once you talk to an advisor you will know where to start.

This is not your forever home: Buying a home is not a one time experience. Your needs change as you advance through your life. Your home you buy in your twenties might not fit the same needs that you want in your 60s.

There is no such thing as the “Perfect Home”: If you go out with an agent and think that you will find a home that fits every need and want and in your price range you will drive yourself crazy. Tradeoffs need to happen such as: “The house is on the Lake, but the house is not the right color.” Home inspections will help you determine if the house is worth buying a lot of times. It depends on what you are willing to change as well.

Cosmetic issues can be fixed: Obviously, you will not have the same taste as other people. If they have the urge to paint their bathroom lime green and have zebra carpet in the master bedroom and that does not float your boat you must look at the house for what it is. Look at the layout, how many bedrooms and bathroom it has, how big the yard is, the location and school districts or any other things that you cannot change that are important to you.

Ask lots of questions: An agent is supposed to help you through this process. Anything you do not understand ask away. Attorneys, Agents and Home Inspectors are full of valuable information. The more you know the more you will feel secure in your decision. ...

Kite Team 2016, Going Beyond Selling Houses

Looking back on 2016, we wanted to highlight some key events that we could accomplish. Aside from selling over 500 homes, we could give Christmas to 9 families, brought lunch to a local police station,  took 200 plus clients to a Cubs game, and gave Orphan of the Storm, dogs 122 beds.

Kite Team with PresentsBeing able to give kids what they needed to make that Christmas unforgettable was very moving. We collected food and gave toys and clothes to families in our area. For the Kite Team, Christmas was very special.

Our clients are very important to us and we had a fantastic time with them when we
The Kite Team at the Cubs Game got to see the Cubs win this past season! We got to be a part of history by being able to witness one of many games that the Cubs won this past season. Meeting with our past clients was very rewarding because of the bond that we form with them over the course of their home selling and buying process, but most of the team only communicates with them on the phone. Getting to put a face to a name is something that was much needed.

Shelter Dog enjoying new bed. This summer we also gave every single one of the dogs at  Orphans of the Storm, a no-kill shelter in Riverwoods, a bed.  They were in heaven. Absolute heaven. We got to play...