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Why You Need a Real Estate Pro

Why You Need an Experienced Real Estate Team

If you're considering buying or selling a home, you'll want an experienced real estate team on your side. From contract negotiations to closing, we're here to assist you from start to finish, ensuring you have the best possible experience throughout your sale or purchase!

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Should I Sell My House Now or Wait?

It’s no secret that we’re seeing changes in the Chicagoland housing market as interest rates climb and buyer demand slows. Fortunately, there are benefits to selling in a slowing seller's market. We’ve put together our top reasons selling your Chicagoland home now may be a better option than waiting to see what happens in the new year.

Benefit: You Have Great Options For Your Move

We’ve all seen the growing housing inventory in Illinois and throughout the country this year, as rising mortgage rates slowed the post-COVID lockdown real estate frenzy. While this seems like a negative for anyone getting ready to sell a home, there are benefits waiting for you when buying after you sell your home.

If you’re selling your home due to an upcoming move, it means you’ll have a broader range of options when shopping for your next property. This offers you a great opportunity to find a home at a competitive price. So, if you have been waiting to move due to housing inventory shortages, it’s good to know that more options are available than last year, and the bidding wars have slowed dramatically. While you may have to wait a little bit longer to sell, you’re not going to be facing repeated disappointment and heavily inflated prices when moving to a new home.

Benefit: Inventory Throughout Illinois is Still Low

While the number of available homes for sale has increased this year, this is still considered a sellers’...

How Our Commission Rate Works

How is an agent’s commission determined on the Kite Team?

People often ask us how our commission right works—I mean, who wouldn’t want to know? Today I’ll quickly cover a couple of things to note about commissions here at the Kite Team.

We can help you sell your house starting at a 1% commission rate that increases based on the services you want. We only charge 1% commission in cases such as when you find your own buyer (like a tenant or family member) and you just need us to walk you through the contract, disclosures, etc.

For the listing side, the commission covers professional photography for your home, signs, and other services to expose your listing to the most possible buyers. Remember that there is a commission for marketing on the seller’s side as well as for the buying side. Agents and sellers need to be mindful about what they tell buyers concerning the commission rate because that can affect the number of showings you receive.

If you have any questions or would like to speak in more detail about our commission rates, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’d love to have a conversation with you.