Buying a Turnkey Home vs. One That Needs Work

Here’s why buying a home in need of upgrades is a better option than you might think.

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Most buyers today have a specific home in mind when they start their search: a move-in ready property complete with newly installed flooring, an upgraded kitchen, etc. Understand that when such a property comes on the market, buyers will swarm to it like bees to honey.

One way to avoid that kind of competition is to look for a home that matches your desired floor plan, but also one that requires a little work. Rather than finding yourself in a multiple-offer situation where the price of the home you’re bidding on continues to go up and up, you can cash in on a property that’s receiving little to no buyer interest.

And by using a 203k loan, you’ll be able to make the necessary renovations and breath new life into the home without paying anything out of pocket. This is a major benefit to buyers because, after factoring in the costs of purchasing a home (down payment, closing costs, credits, etc.), most don’t have any leftover cash to put toward upgrades. Better still, your upgrade expenses will be built into the mortgage itself, so again, you won’t have to come up with cash.

You can cash in on a property that’s
receiving little to no buyer interest.

Consider going this route when you’re out hunting for your new home—especially since there’s a good chance you’ll get a better deal, not to mention it’ll also allow you to build some sweat equity.

If you have any questions about this home buying option or would like assistance with your home buying needs, please reach out to The Kite Team. We’re here to help!

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