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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Moving our family to a new state without any connections forced us to find a Realtor on our own. That daunting task was made simple after finding The Kite Team!" -Rachel Herrick

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I rarely if ever give a 5 star review!  The Kite Team and Amy Kite are absolutely the best. Most knowledgeable,  professional and honest real estate company in Chicago!  They were so helpful in educating me throughout the process and took the stress out. I'm in real estate as well in another state and they are my go to and ONLY team I refer to my friends and customers!  Words don't describe.  If you want trust, integrity,  honesty and someone on your side, Amy and her team will not disappoint!" -Jo Ferraro

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We absolutely love working with Amy and the Kite Team! We have purchased and sold multiple homes with Amy and have always had a great experience. The awesome part about working with Amy Kite is that no matter what you need during the buying/selling process they have an expert on their team to help you - financing, home inspection, general questions - they have it all! You really can't go wrong by choosing to buy or sell your home with Amy and her team." -Jason Castaneda

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GREAT experience, we had our house listed with another realtor, had many issues and our house was on the market for almost 6 months. I heard about Amy Kite on the radio, she came to my house we discussed my previous issues I had with my old realtor and discussed how she was going to be different. SHE WAS RIGHT! was blown away by her team, her marketing, her 3D images of my house! by week 2 I got an offer, and after that 30 days and we sold our house! I was so happy! again Amy Kite and her staff are wonderful! Highly recommend her.
Katie Gragory
We had our house listed with a different agency for over 6 months and could not get it sold. We found Amy and decided to list with her team and within a couple of weeks the house was under contract. Angela helped us along the way with any questions or concerns and was very responsive. They take customer satisfaction very seriously and go above and beyond. I would definitely choose them again for my future transactions.
Aleksandra Pastushenko
Wonderful team, very professional, helpful, and informative! They kept me in the loop at all times. I will recommend The Kite Team-Keller Williams Realty Infinity to all my friends and family.
Tangula Wells
Our house sold in 3 days to start, thanks to their advice and help. We also worked with Halina who was awesome and helpful throughout whole process. Great team!
Ashley Tagli
The Kite team is "next level!" The attention to detail, the service provided by the "Team" they assign to you, and the knowledge they bring to the table is unmatched. I've used 4 different realtors over the past 7 years and the Kite team (they seriously have a team of people working your property) made all the difference in getting my place sold for more than I expected. They were super knowledgeable, followed up quickly and solved problems before they arose. They made me feel like I was selling a multi million dollar property when it was only a tenth of that. Every question was answered, and no detail was overlooked. The service is outstanding!
Brian Doask
I switched to Amy Kite, after the realtor I had, was not performing. The previous realtor had only about 7-8 showings in one year. He had me price the property too high to get the listing, & then had me keep reducing the price. He cost me time & therefore, money. 
It was very disappointing experience. Amy worked with me for a realistic asking price & had approx. 100 showings in several months. She worked to get the house sold for the right price. She was on target with the price & got the sale done!
I have recommended her to friends & family. She did what she said she would do. Her staff was always available to assist, as well.
Lora Johnson
As an out of state seller, I was very pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of the Amy Kite team. I worked very closely with Angela, who went above and beyond to answer my questions and communicate with the buyer’s team on my behalf. My home was on the market for only a week and a half and I credit much of that to the guidance of Amy’s team. Will definitely be working with them again in the future.

10/2018 - Sold home for approximately $110k in Chicago, IL
Stefanie N.
We have had Amy and her team sell 3 homes. They are a pleasure to work with. Amy will help you choose a price that will fit the area. And help guide you to repairs that may help the home sell. I found the experience to be very pleasant. I love talking with her assistant. True, you will speak to her assistant more than Amy. But if you need Amy you can still talk with her. All 3 homes sold very quickly. We would never have used her 3 times if we didn't like working with her. We have one more property to sell before we retire and relocate. Amy will get it sold!

09/2017 - Sold home for approximately $300K in Downers Grove, IL.
First of all, I am amazed at the fact that they delivered exactly what was promised. I contacted Amy Kite’s Realty in early June. I was asked about a time frame for the completion of a sale. I was given several options such as three months or six months. I said three months. Fast forward, if you will. A few days after my house went on the market, I received an offer for my asking price. Forty-three days later we closed the deal. Amy’s appraisal of my home and the official appraisal were exactly the same. The Kite team made the experience of staging, showing, and selling my home as smooth and seamless as possible. They truly work in conjunction with each other. Jessica blew me away with the photographs taken. I have even framed one of them. Angela was there for me through the entire process. The unity within this group of professionals was refreshing and I must say rewarding. Thanks!

09/2018 - Sold home for approximately $180k in Evergreen Park
Doris J.
Amy priced the house right, her team was awesome to deal with. They made the process easy and hassle-free. House sold within three days at nearly full asking price. Thank you!

08/2018 - Sold home for approximately $300k in Mundelein, IL
Scott S.
Amy Kite and her team did an excellent job selling our home. It sold in only 2 months!! Every person on her team is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help in any way. We would use Amy Kite again. The whole experience was flawless and very easy. We hardly did anything at all! I highly recommend Amy Kite.

12/2016 - Sold a home in Huntley, IL
B York
Amy and her team were very professional and sold our home quickly with excellent communication throughout the entire process. We would definitely recommend Amy.

09/14/2016 - Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $275K in Round Lake, IL
Mark and Shari S
Amy is a highly knowledgable and skilled agent who has built her reputation on honesty and integrity. Her team is top notch and willing to go the extra mile. You can't go wrong with The Kite Team on your side!

09/13/2016 - Sold a Condo home in 2016 for approximately $175K in Grayslake, IL.
Vito and Terri T.
Fantastic team! Got our house on the market Memorial Day Weekend. Went under contract within 45 days and we closed in August. How fast is that? Truly an amazing well put together team. Can't wait to work with them this spring, 2017.

08/31/2016 - Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Woodstock, IL.
Carmen W.
I have sold and purchased homes for many years and I have never had such a great positive experience as I have had with Amy Kite and her team. They were always courteous and helpful and professional. Amy was spot on with her estimate of how much the house would sell for and how long it would take for the sale. My house sold in 5 1/2 weeks, the fastest I ever experienced! I will definitely be happy to call on Amy for any future purchases or sales of a new home. Denise was wonderful as well. The stager and attorney were exceptional as well.

08/05/2016 - Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $225K in Round Lake, IL.
Lainey R.
I heard about Amy Kite from her ad on a local radio station. I set up an appointment with her, she walked through the house and she immediately was able to determine how she was going to present the house to buyers. Amy and her team moved quickly and were able to get my house on the market and I received an offer within a couple weeks. Unfortunately, the offer ended up falling through, but Amy and her team were determined to get the house back on the market and within 2 weeks, I received a 2nd offer and recently closed on the house. Amy's associate Denise Sullivan maintained constant contact with me throughout the entire process and made the process absolutely painless.

08/02/2016 - Sold a Single Family home in 2015 in Beach Park, IL. Primary point of contact: Denise Sullivan
Mike G.
My agent Kirsten was very professional and enjoyable to be around. She not only treated us valued customers but as if we were family. Having her in this deal made a whole lot of difference given the hard times we experienced on the part of my lender. We closed and I am loving my new home. I would certainly recommend Amy Kite and Kirsten as well as keep them in mind for my next home purchasing experience in the future.

07/23/2016 - Bought a Condo home in 2016 in Prospect Heights, IL. Primary point of contact: Kirsten O'Neill
Aundrae B. and Luceian C.
We just finished closing today! I can not say enough about Amy and the team that she has assembled to help us sell our home.

Let me share with you what the process was like. The first step was contacting Amy. We made an appointment and were able to see Amy within the week. Although Amy was traveling a great distance to meet with us, she was on time and thorough in her presentation. Her estimate of the house's value was on point and she shared with us the next steps to get the job done. The house was professionally staged and photographed with two of the most fun, talented and helpful individuals. Within the week our home was on the market and ready for showings. Showings..... did we get them! It was difficult to even be home because the showings were so abundant! Today's buyers are very discriminating ( I think they have been watching too much HGTV) but the feedback tool was useful in determining what was on buyers' minds. Although our home is at the very high price end for our geographical area, we had our home under contract within 6 weeks. Amy's superior negotiation skills were evident and she did a very good job.

Amy's team, particularly Denise, navigates you through the process. If you are unfamiliar with the process, no worries! Amy has assembled a team of dedicated professionals who respond to your questions almost immediately ( I'm not kidding, even evenings and weekends.... do they even sleep?) We used the attorney that was suggested by Amy's office to handle the closing and believe me, he earned every red cent of his fee. Let's just say that I feel this was a difficult closing with demanding buyers who were relentless. This attorney was steadfast, always had our best interest at heart and was ethical at all times.

Would I use Amy and her team again or recommend her? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Thank you Amy and all for helping us close this chapter of our life so that we could begin the next one!

07/15/2016 - Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $450K in Plainfield, IL
Tony and Sara L.
I spent a lot of time researching realtors and interviewed several at our house before making a choice. My research told me to watch for realtors that come in with a vision of putting a big price on the house and then negotiating down to a much lower price over time as the house doesn't move and develops a "stink" on the market. Therefore, I asked about and looked into the spread between their average suggested selling price and what the houses eventually sold for. That was very instructive.

Secondly, I looked at the reviews. I wanted a realtor with a lot of reviews that told me actual information and provided metrics. I was amazed to see so many reviews along the lines of, "I felt that she was more than just a realtor, she was a friend. Over the 18 months it took the house to sell (!?!?!?) she would stay in contact all the time.

I don't want another friend. I want my house sold.

When you go through Amy's reviews, you see a consistent string of "She proposed this course of action and this is what happened." Metrics. Quantifiable results. "The house went up for sale on a Friday and sold x number of days later for x amount." "She suggested putting it up for x amount and expected a bidding battle. That happened and the house sold for x amount more than the asking price.". When she came to see the house, she was prepared with a feel for the neighborhood and market, not just local, but also who was looking for such a house. She identified such a basement ranch and the particular market it attracted. She suggested an asking price (actually a bit more than I figured) and felt it would go quickly. When I asked her what the spread was between her usual initial prices and final sale prices, she said 3% with no hesitation. She doesn't believe in overpricing a house to tempt the seller when that will just make it sit. When asked if pricing it @ $5k higher would be okay, she was very clear that, if she thought it was worth pricing higher, she would have. That's what I want out of a professional. Clear and honest advice going in and clear, delineated expectations from both sides.

She felt it would sell quickly and possibly above asking price. We felt pretty good turning the job over to her.

Once we did, her team went to work.

This is a good point to note what a good team does, over and above just having a realtor enter you into the MLS system and wait. Her people were in immediate contact with us. The photographer was scheduled, the documents were run through an online system with constant checks to assure nothing was missed.

One of the great things was the new 3D, virtual reality, immersive walk through. This is new technology that allows you to actually walk through a sale house, room to room, look up and down, side to side and inspect everything close up. No static pictures; this is like being there. The day the photographers came, they were preceded by a very good stager. She swept through the house, moving this, hiding that and adding touches that had an incredible effect on how the house showed. By the time she was done, the house looked like something from an Architectural Design magazine! We were proud of that house. The photographs were top quality and the immersive walk-through was astonishing. (Take a look at one on her website.).

Long story short; the house went on the market on Friday night. We had showings starting Saturday morning. It sold on Monday afternoon for more than the asking price. (Only took that long because the people who put in the bid on Sunday had to wait for offices to open the next day.)

The buyers were local and had been captured by the clarity of the pictures and description, recognizing their dream house.

The smooth process continued through the closing and beyond. They even were able to arrange the closing on our new Tennessee home to be done in their offices the same time we did the closing on the old house..
Through it all, Amy and her team were pitch perfect. Denise Sullivan, in particular, was like a personal guide through the process.

We could not have been happier with our choice.

I would advise any seller to keep in mind that they're not looking for a buddy. They're looking for a professional to sell their house and do it quickly. Look at the numbers. Look at the reviews and, most importantly, look at the metrics. Numbers don't lie.

Make sure to talk to more than one realtor or you are probably a chump. And I strongly suggest making sure Amy is one of those you talk to.
Dennis H and Staci T