Real Estate Agent Recommendations

Finding the best real estate agents can be a tough job.  If you're looking for a real estate agent recommendation in Illinois, The Kite Team has partnered with the following personalities to talk about our team and the benefits of working with a team like ours. We take pride in each relationship we have made and hope they help make the decision to work with our team an easy one. 


Transcription: "Hi, I'm Barbara Corcoran.  Are you thinking of selling your home but you're not sure which agent to hire?  You have a lot of choices, but really the choice is simple.  Because there is only one agent I would trust to sell my home [...] Check Amy Kite's guarantee to sell your home or she will buy it.  Her marketing system creates demand and sells a home every 18 hours." - Barbara Corcoran, May 3, 2017 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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"If you're moving on, you want a real estate agent who will make selling your home easy and stress-free; an agent who will let you out of the contract if you're not happy with their service. I can tell you that Amy Kite of Keller Williams Realty Infinity is so confident in her ability to sell your home quickly and for more money, that she guarantees to sell it or she can buy it herself. Now listen, Amy doesn't just cover one or two, she covers eight counties surrounding Chicago. So if you're moving on, trust my girl Amy to provide your family a stress-free home sale experience".
- Gary LeVox

"Amy will set down with you. You'll set a price and a deadline, if your home is not sold by the deadline, Amy can buy your home. If you want to rent your home out, she has a property management company built into her business that can help you do that as well.  Lots of options. You need a team that listens, understands, and spends money marketing your home.  You need Amy Kite - the only agent that we would have you call in Chicagoland". -  Fred and Ryan Seacrest